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How to Create Do Follow Backlinks in 2023 – Backlinks List [Updated]


Digital marketing landscapes are consistently evolving, and one core component that has remained vital is link-building. In particular, do-follow backlinks have become a potent tool in search engine optimization (SEO). This article will delineate how to create do-follow backlinks and present a list of opportunities.

2. Understanding Backlinks

In the realm of SEO, backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other search engines consider backlinks ‘votes’ for a specific page. Pages with many backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.

There are primarily two types of backlinks: dofollow and nofollow. Dofollow links pass on link juice, while nofollow links do not. The primary distinction is that Google considers do follow links as points to influence a page’s rank.

3. The Power of Dofollow Backlinks

Dofollow backlinks can dramatically influence a webpage’s rank. They signal to Google that another website vouches for your content, thereby leading to improved rankings. Several case studies underscore the effectiveness of do follow backlinks. For instance, HubSpot discovered a strong correlation between the number of referring domains to a page and its organic search traffic.

4. Google’s Stand on Dofollow Backlinks

Google’s link scheme guidelines warn against large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links. This warning indicates that Google wants to see connections people add to their sites because they value the content, not because they were paid or incentivized.

5. Criteria for Selecting Dofollow Backlink Opportunities

Identifying ideal do follow backlink opportunities requires evaluating the website’s authority, understanding the relevance and quality of its content, and assessing its audience reach. Websites with high power and a wide audience offer greater link juice.

6. Top Techniques to Create Dofollow Backlinks

There are several effective methods to procure do follow backlinks. These encompass writing guest posts, engaging on social media platforms, leveraging public relations and influencer marketing, blog commenting, creating compelling infographics, and utilizing the broken link-building technique.

7. Implementing each Technique

  • Writing and pitching guest posts: Guest posting involves writing articles for other websites in your industry. When these sites publish your posts, they often allow you to include a link to your place in the author bio.
  • Leveraging social media for backlinks: Social platforms can be powerful vehicles to generate backlinks. By sharing high-quality content and engaging with your audience, you can entice others to share your content and link to your site.
  • Harnessing public relations and influencer marketing: Building relationships with influencers and media outlets in your industry can yield significant backlink opportunities. When these influencers share your content with their audience, you gain access to a broader audience and potential backlinks.
  • Approach to blog commenting: Blog commenting should be more about building relationships than just getting a link. By offering insightful comments, you can build relationships with other bloggers who may feel inclined to link to your site.
  • Creating compelling infographics: Infographics are a highly shareable form of content. If you create an informative and visually appealing infographic, other sites will be likelier to share it and link back to your site.
  • Broken link-building technique: This method involves finding broken links on other websites, creating content that matches the broken content, and then asking the site owner to link to your site instead of the broken link.

8. Latest Dofollow Backlinks List

It’s crucial to be abreast of the latest do follow backlink opportunities. Some prominent platforms include Medium, Behance, and GitHub, among others. You can approach these opportunities by offering valuable content that suits the audience’s interests.

Google Sheet:

Or try Google Drive:

9. Monitoring and Evaluating Backlink Performance

Post-creation of do follow backlinks, monitoring, and evaluation are essential. Tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and SEMrush provide comprehensive backlink analysis. Interpreting backlink data will allow you to refine your backlink strategy effectively.

10. Conclusion

Staying up-to-date with the latest strategies is crucial in the perpetually evolving digital marketing landscape. Dofollow backlinks, with their tremendous potential, can help you stay ahead of the curve, driving your website’s authority, visibility, and SEO performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do follow backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks allow search engines to follow them back to the source. They have a major impact on a website’s SEO as search engines view them as votes of confidence.

What is the difference between dofollow and nofollow backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks tell search engines to notice and give SEO value to the links posted within the content, while nofollow backlinks don’t carry that instruction. Dofollow links can positively impact a site’s SEO, while nofollow links have little to no direct impact on a site’s SEO rankings.

How do I create do follow backlinks?

Creating do follow backlinks involves strategies like guest blogging, commenting on relevant blogs, utilizing social media platforms, using the broken link method, and creating compelling infographics others want to share.

Are all backlinks dofollow?

No, not all backlinks do follow. Some are labeled as “nofollow,” which means search engines are instructed not to follow the link back to its source, and as a result, it does not have much SEO value.

Is it necessary to have do-follow backlinks?

Yes, it’s necessary to follow backlinks if you’re focused on improving your website’s SEO. They can significantly boost your website’s authority and visibility in search engine rankings.

How can I check if a link is do follow?

Inspecting the webpage’s HTML code can check if a link is do follow. In the <a> tag, if you see a rel="nofollow" attribute, then it’s a nofollow link. If there’s no such attribute, it’s a dofollow link.

How to avoid penalties while creating do follow backlinks?

To avoid penalties, it’s crucial to develop backlinks organically. Avoid participating in link schemes or buying links. Ensure your backlinks come from reputable, relevant sources and are built over time, not suddenly in large quantities.

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