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Happy National Grammar Day!


As a copywriter, I’m no grammar snob, but there is no room in the world of copywriting for bad grammar. Don’t kill your message with poor spelling or sentences that confuse. Readers are fickle and will skip your content if your message is not clear. Consider this: 

OK, it’s funny but mistakes like that will keep you from getting good (or any) writing gigs. Here are some fun, informative and easy “good grammar” sites I recommend:

And don’t forget to download a digital dictionary and thesaurus. You’ll get daily words and other interesting tips to help you improve your spelling. I know that copywriters always have SEO on the brain, but readers don’t enjoy reading the same word over and over again. To keep your writing fresh, you should know 10 alternatives for every word you know. Digital dictionaries can go a long way in keeping your writing sharp while expanding your vocabulary. A quick search online will get you plenty of free digital dictionaries and thesauruses.

Do you know of additional grammar resources? Reach out to me and I will check them out. Happy writing!

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