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Copywriter Versus Content Writer: Potayto, Potahto

I have come across various articles, not to mention a lot of arguing on LinkedIn, on the differences between the role of copywriter and content writer. I find the arguments odd and unnecessary. I wonder if there is an implied hierarchy between the two. But there isn’t. Well, I’m here to resolve this issue–hopefully and once for all. 

Copywriting is content writing. Content writing is copywriting. Here’s why: Copywriters create content. Content writers write copy. And most important, whether you want to call yourself a copywriter or content writer, you are working under the marketing umbrella of an organization. The ultimate goal of marketing is to increase sales. The sole purpose of a copywriter or a content writer is to increase brand presence and sales. This is regardless of whether you are writing a blog or press release or a white paper. It does not matter whether you are creating a soft or hard sale piece or an informational article not highlighting your client or employer. In the end, the writing is being used to draw attention to their site and their brand. Ding, ding–sales!

The takeaway here is that all copy, content, etc. should increase brand recognition and sales. So let’s drop the back and forth on whether you call yourself a copywriter or content writer. Instead, focus on becoming a better writer who can create any type of content. Need more copywriting tips?

Happy Writing!

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