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AI Copywriting Tools: Friend or Foe?

In many ways technology has become a copywriter’s best friend. Thanks to computers, laptops and other mobile devices copywriters can write from anywhere at anytime. And you no longer have to schlep yourself to the library to do research. Almost every person with access to the Internet can discover an almost unlimited amount of information. But is technology now overreaching into copywriting? Are AI tools here to help or take over copywriters?

What is AI Copywriting?

An AI copywriter is simply a tool that’s designed to help you generate high-quality content quicker and more accurately than many copywriters. The catch is that a person will need guide the AI along. When working with AI copywriters you will need to:

  • Provide starting points. The AI copywriter needs basic context about your topic, brand or product. You need to start with this step to make sure it doesn’t stray from your intended message about your brand.
  • Set up the style. AI copywriters need to told your brand voice so it can create content that matches and highlights your brand identity.
  • Become the editor. The first draft of copy is rarely perfect. You will need to edit the AI copywriter’s content for accuracy.

Although I have not yet used AI tools in creating content, I’d like to think of AI copywriting as a powerful partnership. AI copywriters can be used to consistently generate good and high levels of content. It can also help you save of time and effort you need to put into editing the copy. But similar to their superior, human counterparts, AI copywriters will need editing. I firmly believe that there will always be a need for a skilled human writer to review, edit and refine the copy generated by the AI.

Final Thought

So no, AI copywriters cannot replace traditional copywriters—you know, humans. With that said, an AI tool can come in handy for some copywriting tasks. But it cannot replace the human touch in copywriting that engages and sells a brand.

Have you used AI copywriting tools? If so, please share any recommendations and your experiences.

Happy writing!

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